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4 oz Rubber Renew

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Cadillac Rubber Renew

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE RUBBER PROTECTANT AND CONDITIONER: Cadillac Rubber Renew protects and conditions your favorite rubber, plastic, neoprene, or vinyl boots and accessories.
  • WAX FREE FORMULA: Cadillac Rubber Renew’s special wax free formula removes surface dirt, provides water resistance, and restores original shine, all without leaving any waxy residue.
  • REMOVES AND PREVENTS BLOOMING: Blooming occurs when insoluble particles in rubber come to the surface, resulting in a white powdery residue. Cadillac Rubber Renew’s special formula targets these particles, removing them from the surface and preventing future blooming.
  • ENHANCES COLOR AND RESTORES SHINE: Cadillac Rubber Renew is great for restoring old rubber boots and other items to their original color and shine. With regular use, your boots will continue to look like new.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Cadillac is proud to produce all Cadillac Rubber Renew in the United States of America.

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