Collection: Men's Trail Shoes, Boots & Sandals

If you want to experience hiking trails in a new way or you’re an urban runner who wants to vary the routine, the siren call of trail running is hard to ignore. Before you head for the hills, though, you need shoes that are specifically built to venture beyond the pavement. Trail-running shoes differ from road runners in several respects: Grip on rugged terrain: Lugged soles improve traction to help you move more sure-footedly over dirt, mud, gravel, roots and rock slabs. Foot protection: A variety of internal and external features help shield feet from impact with rocks and roots. Durable upper materials withstand abrasion and tears. Stiff construction: Trail runners are built to prevent excessive foot rotation. In addition, because running on trails involves a shorter, more variable stride as you adjust to land where footing is optimal, pronation control isn’t a big consideration.