My Cause My Cleats

This year, Tradehome Shoes was given a super unique opportunity. Tradehome joined Minnesota Vikings players and office staff to support the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats program. Many of our Home Office staff selected a charity close to their hearts, that will receive a donation from Tradehome Shoes and the Minnesota Vikings. Below are some of their stories.

Cody Beavers

American Cancer Society

"Over the past couple of years, a handful of people in my life have been affected by cancer. I chose this organization to continue to spread awareness and help advance cancer research."

Dana Koenke

Charity: Water

"Charity: Water works to provide clean and safe drinking water to those who do not have access. 771 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. It is easy to take water for granted if it is easily accessible to you, but everybody deserves the three necessities in life: food, shelter, and water."


Tanya Letendre

Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund

"Zach, a very brave inspiring young man who was from Stillwater, MN was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a rare bone cancer) at the age of 14 and passed away in 2013. Zach wrote a song called “Clouds” as a way to say goodbye to his friends and Family and to bring awareness to the need for better Osteosarcoma treatments. That song brought worldwide attention to Zach’s story which also inspired a movie to be made about him.”

Doug Shaeppi

Autism Speaks

"The charity I chose is Autism Speaks. I chose this organization because my grandson has Autism and I have watched him grow and flourish with the supports available to him and I want that same level of support available to everyone who needs it. Autism awareness and acceptance is a crucial part in making that happen."

Curtis Grupe

A Kid Again

"The organization that I picked is A Kid Again. As a father of two happy, healthy little girls, our family has been lucky to not have to think about life threating illnesses. We have two separate family friends with children the same age as our girls that had cancer in the last few year. This is for Emma and Harper. "

Mark Jacobson

Feed My Starving Children

"My family and I have volunteered multiple times with the Feed My Starving Children. Every time we go, I'm amazed at the percentage of funds that make it directly to the people in need. We take for granted the number of people who don't have food or clean water. I truly believe if we personally saw the faces and individuals in need that receive the food, that more people would become active towards stamping out hunger."

Adam Revier


"My connection to Ecumen is through my wife Kayla who has worked there for over 10 years. As I have had the opportunity to watch my wife work and grow within a non-profit senior living organization, it has been inspiring to understand how Ecumen has met the changing needs of the communities they serve. The advocacy work Ecumen provides is crucial to the lives of the older adults in our communities."

Jay Welter

Feed My Starving Children

"I chose Feed My Starving Children for my charity. It is a great organization, and they make it very easy to contribute. Hunger is a huge problem and Feed My Starving Children is very efficient at meeting peoples basic need for food. My family loves to go to their facility in Eagan to measure and pack meals a few times each year."

Pete Olson

Children's Minnesota

"I chose St. Paul Children’s NICU because of their excellent care upon the birth of my pre-mature Grandson. He spent seven weeks with them. He received the best care I could have ever imagined. I believe we owe his life to them."

Jeremy Stranko

National Alliance on Mental Illness

"I chose NAMI as my charitable organization because of a few of my friends and family members have experienced mental illness throughout the years. Approximately 1 in 5 adults are experiencing mental illness and suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15-34 year olds."

Josh Scanlan

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"I chose the National Multiple Sclerosis Society because my mother lived with MS for over 20 years. For many of these years nobody would have known what she was dealing with, until her physical abilities began to deteriorate, making daily life very challenging for her. These shoes will serve as an honor to her and as a reminder that life isn’t always as it appears on the outside."

Katie Fast

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

"I chose the OCRA as my fiancée’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this year. I thought it would be a great way to honor and support her while she undergoes treatments."